Data Junkies

Derek and I have many things in common: we both love the color orange, we’ve both got autographed photos from the San Diego Chicken (my autographed photo has a personal note, which makes it a little better than Derek’s), we both prefer the mountains to the beach, and we both love data. In fact, this blog has some built in analytics, and we both love to look at how many people look at the blog every day.

The My Fitness Pal app has been pretty fun for tracking our protein intake, and will certainly come in handy when we need to make sure we’re getting enough protein everyday. The other thing we’d like to keep track of is how much exercise we’re getting. I convinced Derek that it might be fun to get the Fitbit One and they arrived yesterday! It’s got more features than we probably need, but one bonus feature is that you can set multiple alarms. Derek will need to be sure to take his anti-rejection meds every day at the same time, and he’ll be able to set the Fitbit to buzz when he needs to take his meds.

The other benefit is that Derek and I can compete against each other to see who is taking more steps. If anything will get us to stay active it’s a healthy dose of competition. Today I deep cleaned the kitchen, made ravioli and granola,  plus, vacuumed the whole house and as it turns out, I took more steps than Derek did! I’m pretty sure that’s the one and only time I will win this particular contest.

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