This is not an advertisement, it’s just a happy coincidence that a couple of our best friends are freakishly talented and thoughtful.

A few months ago, our good friends at Beehive Handmade asked me to write some copy for their new line of jewelry. It was a such a pleasure working with them because: a) they make amazing objects and b) they’re both very smart and funny. It’s truly, a winning combination.

In exchange for my work, I was paid in jewelry! I LOVE to trade in creative currency, so it was the ideal set-up for me. Then, for Christmas, they sent along a sterling silver talisman for Derek to wear and when he opened the box, I read the copy I wrote for the sweet little anchor pendant with fresh eyes.


The anchor is a powerful symbol that has timeless

appeal. The symbolism of raising anchor to set sail

on a new course, resonates even with those who

have never left shore. Hoist this little anchor

around your neck and be reminded of the hope all

sailors have when they pull up their anchor; that

home is not too far away, and new beginnings

are on the horizon.

Anchor Talisman
Anchor Talisman or necklace…

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wait. I did say it. Well, you know what I mean.

6 Replies to “Hope”

  1. Logan, your description is awesome, I will be ordering an anchor tomorrow. Love you and love your writing. Love Mom

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