Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar – A Review

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05 grams of sugar?

You’ve all likely grown weary of our endless talk of protein intake post-surgery. But, I’m still a little pre-occupied with my impending protein binge fest so allow me to tell you about a product I recently tested. There’s no obligation to buy, and in fact, I recommend that you NOT purchase this product. And here’s why:

I picked up the Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar at my local Trader Joe’s last week. I like the idea of a protein packed bar that I can eat to possibly supplement my protein packed meals. This particular product boasts a whopping 13 grams of protein and only 05 grams of sugar. (They really put the zero in front of the five like that. Marketing people are so weird.) Sort of seems too good to be true, right?

It is. Listed as the final ingredient on this little bar is stevia leaf extract. I mistakenly thought: “Hey, it’s the last ingredient, I probably won’t notice it at all.”

But I did. This past weekend, Derek and I were prowling the aisles of Target when I felt a little peckish. Lo and behold, I had a Power Crunch Bar in my bag. I unwrapped it and started to eat it. “Hey Derek, this isn’t so bad. It’s sort of like eating chocolate covered air. Which is weird, but I don’t taste the Stevia.”

I finished the bar and we walked down the candy aisle to ‘window shop’ and suddenly, it hit me. STEVIA! The aftertaste was awful and it lingered for far too long. I wish these sugar substitutes didn’t taste so disgusting to me. I really can’t get over the fake taste. Big thumbs down for this product. Unless you like stevia, in which case, you should totally buy these bars. Just don’t try to foist one on me.

2 Replies to “Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar – A Review”

  1. “Foist” We just don’t see enough of ‘foist”. What a great word. If only The Amazing Criswell was still around to make predictions. Such as a start-up (I almost said new start-up, which of course is redundant) might name itself, misspelled, “Foisst cleans your breath while it whitens your teeth”. Way better than the dentifrice of yesteryear, Teel. Certainly you remember semi-liquid purple Teel in the glass tear-drop bottle? If not http://www.old-time.com/commercials/1930's/Teel%20Protects%20Teeth.htm End of weird stream. sQs

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