So Many Avocados

Oh man. On Saturday when we got home from the auction there was a box on our porch filled with:


18 avocados to be exact, sent from California by Kevin, Val & Penny. The Morro Creek Ranch ships these beauties a few days away from ripe in a box filled with popcorn! The popcorn provides cushioning and helps to keep the avocados from ripening prematurely. We put the popcorn outside in the compost and the giant black birds came and helped themselves to a little snack.

Derek and I love avocados, and it’s an extra special bonus that they’re good for us too! There’s a lot of fascinating info about these delicious green fruits at the World’s Healthiest Foods website. Thank you so much Kev, Val & Penny, we can hardly wait until they’re ripe enough to eat!

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