Request: Music

Before I outline my request for music help, it’s time for another Birthday Shout Out! It’s my pop’s birthday today, so let’s all wish him a very happy birthday. Here are a couple of Throwback Thursday pics of the man himself. What a ridiculously cute dad, don’t you think?

THIS is my dad. Whoops. Thanks for the correction, you guys looked A LOT alike.
THIS is my dad. Whoops. Thanks for the correction, you guys looked A LOT alike.
Look at this little guy!
Look at this little guy! This is my Aunt Pat!
Bonus shot with my Grandma!
Bonus shot with my Grandma!

In the early days of this blog, we talked about making a transplant playlist. That was fun and all, but I’d also like to put out a request to you, our dear blog readers, for music suggestions that aren’t necessarily transplant related.

Music has always been a faithful companion for me and while I have an idea of a playlist I might make for myself, I would love to hear your suggestions. The way I see it, I’ll need a variety of playlists:

  • One to help me calm down
  • A fun playlist to motivate me to go on those necessary healing walks
  • A rocking jam playlist to help me deal with the pain of having my insides remodeled.

Here are some insider tips for what I might like or not like:

  • I don’t like modern country music. But old school Dolly Parton is pretty awesome. (Fun Fact: In 2nd grade I listed my favorite song as “9 to 5”.)
  • I like classical music, but I’m a novice. I don’t really know what kind I like, so I’m pretty open to suggestions.
  • Phil Collins makes me want to tear my hair out.
  • I like jazz, but certain jazz musicians tend to make me anxious and jittery. I’m thinking specifically of John Coltrane’s experimental phase.
  • No James Taylor–do not get me started on my disdain for James Taylor.
  • ‘Jam Bands’ are not my jam.

Alright, so that was more dislikes than likes, but I’m pretty open. Except for James Taylor. I am not open to James Taylor.

6 Replies to “Request: Music”

  1. Oops! Love to take credit. First image is my dear sister, Patricia. fyi.
    Love you guys and thanks for the kudos on my 80th and still trying to learn to count. Ask your mum, she hurried to work today to escape my verbosity. Can’t blame her. O X o X O X OO sQs

  2. Wait, did someone say MUSIC?
    (Don’t you worry, I listen to more than jam bands.)

    Calm-down music:
    1) Alex de Grassi: Southern Exposure and The Water Garden albums. (note I still default to album and not CD…hmmm…)
    2) Anything Bebel Gilberto.
    3) Cannonball Adderley’s Stars Fell on Alabama from his quintet in Chicago album.
    4) Perhaps a little Cat Power
    5) Seu Jorge, The Life Aquatic
    6) Fareed Hague, Deja Vu

    Easy yet motivating flow for a walk, mix up the following:
    1) The Bad Plus, especially their latest album.
    2) Anat Cohen
    3) Michael Brecker, Pilgrimage
    4) Beastie Boys The In Sound From Way Out
    5) Get your dancin’ shoes on for Cookin’ On 3 Burners, the Baked, Broiled Fried and Soul Messin’ albums.
    6) How can it be a playlist without a little Kung Fu? They are not a jam band I tell you. But you must download their live music from any number of the shows up on
    7) Anything from Soulive.
    8) Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon from the Head Hunters album. (By the way, I’m currently working on the sax solo from this.)
    9) Lettuce

    Jammin’ Playlist:
    1) James Brown
    2) Hendrix
    3) Rage Against the Machine
    4) a little Zeppelin
    5) Live Kung Fu deserves a mention here.
    6) For the love of god throw in a little Zappa and push your jamband boundaries. RDNZL, Inca Roads, Peaches en Regalia, Carolina Esctasy, Tell Me You Love Me, Cosmik Debris.
    7) Derek Trucks Band, Joyful Noise

    I could continue, but I really should get to work…

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