What Rhymes With Surgeries?

Some tulips from last year's garden.
Some tulips from last year’s garden.

April surgeries, bring May…? Man, if you thought it was hard to find something that rhymes with orange…

April showers, apparently bring May flowers. And so, we have chosen April for our surgical odyssey. (For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you may recall that a couple of days ago I said, “Why April, when there’s always June?” Well. I wasn’t thinking clearly.)

Dueling surgeries in April mean Derek and I are that much closer to a normal life. We’re going to need A LOT of help, and there’s more to come on that.

In the meantime, we’ll both be thinking of April as the beginning of something new. Derek will, for the first time in too many years, know what it’s like to have a fully functioning liver inside of his body, cranking out bile and taking names. I will have something new to worry about, like how will I manage to keep up with Derek once he’s fully healed? He’s been operating with diminished power for so long, I would imagine he’s going to be pretty busy making up for lost time.

So, faithful blog readers, we embark on the next phase of this adventure. Hard-core planning. And then, come April, no matter what–even if there’s not what I would consider the right amount of soup in the freezer–we will undergo some crazy intense surgical procedures.

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