What We’re Eating – Calzone

This isn’t a real recipe as much as it is braggadocio. We totally had a homemade calzone last night and it was delicious. We used the famous pizza dough from Derek’s pizza post and then folded the dough over to make a calzone.


It’s always important to put a little cornmeal on the pizza peel to ensure your calzone slides off ok. We had a simple calzone, just some spicy jalapeno chicken sausage, mozzarella cheese and sauce.

picstitch (1)We heated the pizza stone in a 550 degree oven and cooked the calzone for about 14 minutes.

Delicious calzone cave.

So it turned out super great. The bonus of having ready made pizza dough in the freezer is you get to make pizza/calzone experiments all the time!

Oh and we made a little video of how steamy it was when it came out of the oven. We crack ourselves up.

Growing up, the Janiak family had lots of frozen dough rolls in the freezer. My dad (Happy Birthday!) would defrost and make fresh bread, knotted cinnamon bread, or homemade pizza. It partially explains why we always seem to have dough in the freezer for last minute meals. -Derek

2 Replies to “What We’re Eating – Calzone”

  1. ’nuff with the teaser images and video, already, flash freeze and ship to greater Delray Beach. Our postal person, Carol, will know how to get us to it just with our 33445 zip. Yumm! sQs

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