Yoga Class 1: Complete

I once wondered how a fellow engineering colleague at Brown knew so many girls: Early morning spin class. I can confirm that Yoga is similar; I was one of two guys in a class of 15. There was no giggling, odiferous emanations, and Logan and I were not the worst in the class. Or maybe we were, but no one called us out on it. I already know that my flexibility is awful, so instead of trying to be the most flexible, I tried winning the best posture competition. In my head, I won.

No awards were given out at the studio, but I’m giving out my own awards:

  • I won the award for tightest hamstrings.
  • Logan won the “My Pinky Toe Needs To Be Flexed To Keep Me Balanced” award.
He was not in our class AND this was not a pose in our beginner class

And another thing, the mindful breathing during class worked like a charm. I really can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed! Oh, and while there were no odiferous emanations, one lady had a water bottle that made a chirping sound like a bird when she took a drink.  I almost giggled, but ultimately kept my cool. -Logan

2 Replies to “Yoga Class 1: Complete”

  1. Congratulations on complete! Logan – Reign in those giggles! LOL Eventually others might reveal their suppressed amusement, verdad? sQs Your doting Dad.

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