Nesting – Part 2

Most people would probably buy a chest freezer and start loading up on food. We’re not those people. We also purchased a vacuum sealer at the same time that hasn’t been tested yet. We’re in the planning phase of Operation Load the Freezer. Logan and I went to The Container Store yesterday to purchase bins for freezer organization. There also needs to be a good internal cleaning of the freezer.  That might happen this weekend.  But first, we need to create our meals list, identify the ingredients, and figure out what we need to cook and/or buy. Yes, we’re a little crazy. Logan has her love of cooking, and I have my love of spreadsheets. It’s a perfect combination to ensure we will still control the cooking, even when we’re laid up and exhausted. We haven’t discussed whether to make and freeze meals in two or three:  the third being our caretaker. Should we also make meals for more people assuming we may have visitors?  I’m afraid to ask. We have lots to do before we start filling up our 6 cu.ft. of freezer space. Stay tuned for more of Operation Load the Freezer.

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