Live Donor Update #5: It’s On

Ok. I got the call. My liver is a go. I asked if it was the nicest liver they had ever seen and the nurse said: “Oh yes. It’s a perfect specimen. We’ve already contacted the Smithsonian.” She just gets me. (As a side note, when I relayed this story to Derek he said: “They said what???” Bazinga.)

So now what? Well, a few things need to happen.

  • Derek needs to get a clean bill of health and more blood tests to make sure he is ready to be back on the active transplant list as opposed to being on hold.
  • Derek’s transplant team needs to determine the optimal time for transplant. I have indicated it might be nice to schedule it for April since that’s when our classes are over for this term. (Yes, if you weren’t aware, Derek and I are both currently in grad school. For the second time. Because we’re apparently gluttons for punishment. Or we like the hoods.)
  • We need to come up with a schedule/calendar/some kind of organizational wizardy to help figure out our recovery and how all you fine people can best assist in the process. We will definitely need help. We can’t watch TV and play board games by ourselves you know. Plus, we won’t be able to lift anything or drive for a while, so there’s that too.
  • I need to cook many delicious meals that can be frozen because I am a control freak and mildly obsessive and stop looking at me like that. We’ve already picked out an adorable freezer and I am going to put stickers all over it.
  • We might need to dial up the funny videos for the tumblr as there will now be two of us looking to it for comedic relief. However my standards for what constitutes funny is decidedly lower than Derek’s are so it should be easy.

That’s the big news for now. As soon as we pick a date for this rodeo we’ll send out those “Save The Date” cards. Or something like that. Thanks again, as always, for your love and support.

8 Replies to “Live Donor Update #5: It’s On”

  1. Whoa dang! You definitely win life partner of the year award! Glad to hear you’re a match in more ways than one! (cheeesy, I know) I know we’re real far away, but if there’s anything we can do beyond sending stickers for the freezer…

  2. holy crap. you’re liver is probably super cocky right now, just saving lives. no biggie. btw, my birthday is in april and the only thing i want is two healthy janiak-shannons!!!

  3. Awesome news!! Pretty amazing how things are working out. Good stuff happens to good people. Hope you stay feeling good until then Derek.

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