Logan and I notice black crows in our neighborhood on a regular basis.  They're the size of small cats and are ruthless to the other animals. After finding this video, I'm wondering how smart they really are.  I'm going to cover my sides - I don't want the crows to peck out my nutritious liver …


A New Job

I've heard a few stories about how your life is put on hold while waiting for a transplant. It's true that some things do change, but being in a holding pattern is not something I do well. Logan and I both decided that it would be a waste of time to be sedentary.  Instead, it's …

Squirrels Do Yoga Too

It's been pretty cold here the past few days.  Sometimes the squirrels sit on the tree branch, catch some rays, and munch on the bark.  Yesterday, it looked like he was doing Yoga.  Namasté and Happy Monday, squirrels!     (We'll return to non-yoga posts on Tuesday...maybe.)