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Logan and I notice black crows in our neighborhood on a regular basis.  They’re the size of small cats and are ruthless to the other animals. After finding this video, I’m wondering how smart they really are.  I’m going to cover my sides – I don’t want the crows to peck out my nutritious liver and cause me to explode like those frogs.

Warning – dead, exploded frogs are shown in this video.

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Speaking of Jobs

Derek’s job post was so inspirational and lovely, I thought I might share how happy I am in my current position. As many of you may know, when I quit my job at Timberland last year to devote more attention to my school work, I started interning at NHPR. Lo and behold I discovered that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and I fell in love with radio production. (My pops worked in radio and television for a very long time.) It has been an amazing experience.

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A New Job

I’ve heard a few stories about how your life is put on hold while waiting for a transplant. It’s true that some things do change, but being in a holding pattern is not something I do well. Logan and I both decided that it would be a waste of time to be sedentary.  Instead, it’s life as normal.

Logan and I are in the middle of our respective classes this semester and I just accepted and started a new position at work – Engineering Manager! I can now put some of the lessons from my management classes to good use. It’s very exciting because I’m going back to work with a group that is passionate about their work and want to be successful. But there’s also some fun: Tie Tuesdays are now a tradition, with three of us wearing bow ties. It’s a fantastic work environment.

This week's Tie Tuesday ensemble

This week’s Tie Tuesday ensemble.

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What We’re Eating: Lasagne

My Bee-you-tiful mom! Happy Birthday!

My Bee-you-tiful mom! Happy Birthday!

First things first: Happy Birthday Mom! Today is my lovely mother’s birthday and it seems only fitting to mention that there would not be any “What We’re Eating” posts without her. I grew up with a mother that always made the kitchen smell so good and always let her children stir, chop, and create right alongside her, even if we screwed things up (I’m still very sorry about that stand mixer-wooden spoon-chocolate chip cookie incident). When I discovered asparagus, I loved it so much, that when my mom would leave the kitchen to go to the bathroom, I would eat all of it. Every. Single. Spear. And my saint of a mother wouldn’t even yell at me, even though she also loved asparagus and I know she was super upset because she hadn’t finished making the rest of dinner yet. Because really, can you scold a child for eating vegetables? I digress. My mother makes a delicious lasagne, and she taught me to make lasagne anyway I like it, and now I’m going to share my baked, cheesy, tomato-ey noodle knowledge with you!

I love lasagne; it’s one of my top five comfort foods. It’s also such a versatile dish, you can really tailor it to what you have on hand and what you like. I’ve been threatening to make a potato lasagne with cheesy mashed potatoes as the ricotta layer. It somehow seems irresponsible to have that many carbs, so I haven’t done it…yet. I’ve also made noodle-free lasagne using thin horizontally sliced zucchini for the noodles.

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Squirrels Do Yoga Too

It’s been pretty cold here the past few days.  Sometimes the squirrels sit on the tree branch, catch some rays, and munch on the bark.  Yesterday, it looked like he was doing Yoga.  Namasté and Happy Monday, squirrels!


Even Squirrels do Yoga


(We’ll return to non-yoga posts on Tuesday…maybe.)

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