Uneasy Stomach

I mentioned in an earlier post that Logan and I are on high alert with my health. This past week, my stomach/intestines stopped cooperating. It wasn’t a fun week, and a really tough day or two. We both thought it was an Ulcerative Colitis flare brought on by all the sugary Christmas treats that I like to indulge in, plus the little clementines. Acidic and sugary foods are not always my friends. The symptoms weren’t exactly the same as flares of the past. Today, two days after calling the doctor and feeling OK (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, etc.) it may have been a stomach bug or virus.  Whatever it is/was, it’s not fun.

Logan said she had similar, less severe symptoms so we may have been doing a little unintended experiment.  If it was something that affected us both, there’s evidence that Logan has democratic bacteria – everyone has their say, but eventually the majority of good bacteria rule and the gut settles back into harmony. For me, it’s more of an anarchy – one little thing just sets everyone off. Good bacteria and bad bacteria start looting, ransacking, and wreaking havoc. It keeps things interesting, for sure.

With my body being a little squeamish about food, I’ve gone for a very plain and relatively safe diet:

  • Rice Cakes with peanut butter – knowing I’m not allergic or sensitive to peanuts, it’s a decent source of protein.
  • Bananas – Quick and easy, need to replenish the Potassium
  • Nuun – I just found out about this electrolyte powder – it has little to no sugar. Need to replenish those electrolytes that disappeared.
  • Soup – Usually Chicken Broth, some rice or pasta, and chicken breast.

As I start feeling more confident that the food intake is occurring, we add more ingredients to the diet a little at a time:  Pureed spinach to the soup, Table Crackers (very few ingredients), Turkey Meatballs (rice & turkey), basil, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes…

It’s a very good thing Logan likes to and is very good at making soup!

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