30 Days, But Who’s Counting?

Today is the 30 day mark of being placed on the transplant list. As Logan said in an earlier post, it’s surreal. I got an email from Sally the other day that said, “I know you’re not feeling well, but here’s a link to discounted skiing.”  All of this is surreal because almost all of the time I don’t feel sick.

If doctors could see the future, they would optimally time the surgery to be when I’m healthy enough for surgery and immediately before I get really sick. But life is an imperfect system: you can’t predict when someone will get sick and livers don’t grow on trees.  It’s bad news if the doctor is too late with surgery, so it’s better to be a little early.

I feel healthy at the moment and want to go snowboarding this year. Chris Klug was working out the day he got the phone call for a transplant. I can only hope that I continue feeling this way and get the phone call for a transplant after a powder day. But then again, life is imperfect and livers don’t grow on trees.

Liver Tree!
Liver Tree!

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