When Will You Find Out If You’re the Donor?

What an excellent question! The answer is: I don’t know. My understanding is that the scans of my abdomen are currently being inserted into some German version of The Matrix and will be spit out as a virtual liver that the doctors can then walk around and inspect like something out of an Iron Man movie. (Come to think of it, I feel like Iron Man could really help us out in this situation. He’s got a real knack for unorthodox organ replacement. If anyone has contact info for Tony Stark, please send it our way.)

"Oh man, Logan's liver is just so perfect. How can I copy it so everyone can have one just like it?"
“Oh man, Logan’s liver is just so perfect. How can I copy it so everyone can have one just like it?”

Now, once those scans are evaluated and they figure out if my liver can safely be bifurcated–leaving me with enough liver while providing Derek with an appropriate amount–they will either send me on to the next phase or gently tell me it’s a no go.

The next phase is determining whether or not my body can handle major abdominal surgery which it legitimately does not need. They will give me an EKG, chest x-rays, and have me hang out with a social worker for a little bit. If I pass those tests, I think we then sit down with the doctor and schedule a date for transplant. I’m not being purposely abstruse; I really don’t know. Rest assured, I will run straight to the blog once I hear any news about my results. In the mean time we will both be doing what we are *maybe* getting better at: waiting.

UPDATE: I just got a message from the live donor transplant coordinator. Her ears must have been burning.

“Just wanted to let you know that your CT results have returned and it looks like you are able to move forward in the donor evaluation.”

On to the next phase!

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