Sources of Protein (continued)

After doing the initial research which I reported on the other day, I decided to further research the reality of eating whale and whether eating gelatin as a source of protein is realistic. Spoiler alert: It’s not feasible.

“Variety’s the very spice of life,

That gives it all its flavour.”

– William Cowper

Beluga Whale: The beluga whale, along with all other marine mammals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). This website (here) has a FAQ. It seems like if I were to travel to Alaska (or someone else were to travel there) and purchase non-endangered whale meat, I could transport it back and consume at my leisure. That’s a pretty zany concept just to ingest higher amounts of protein. I’m no Ahab. I think maybe I’ll just eat a little more of easily available local protein.

Gelatin: (from Wikipedia, a reputable source of information) Gelatin is not a complete protein. It lacks some amino acids, therefore eating gelatin as your only source of protein is a bad idea. All other animal proteins are complete proteins. However, most vegetables protein sources are incomplete proteins; it’s best to consume a variety of protein. The one exception is soy, which is a vegetable protein source AND a complete protein. Damn you Tofu!

As we proceed through this transplant journey, Logan and I will be researching different recipes that can provide adequate AND complete protein sources. We’ll post them for all to enjoy! Call out to all our vegetarian friends: We need suggestions for non-meat, complete protein meals – send us your recipes!

3 Replies to “Sources of Protein (continued)”

  1. Oh I certainly have a few tofu recipe books to share with ya. Lord knows I’m not using them. You will be surprised, though, how many dishes can conceal that non-flavorful slimey texture!

  2. I personally enjoy tofu. And Derek enjoyed it when I made tofu chocolate mousse. But yes, if you have a good tofu cookbook, we’d love to take a gander!

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