My Mom is the Best!

Derek + Johnny Robe = Love
Derek + Johnny Robe = Love

Logan and I count the ER trip about a month ago as our “trial trip” to the hospital. No matter how friendly and accommodating the staff is, there’s a feeling of captivity and de-humanization. Being tied to IV tubes, which ring every few hours to be changed, having to collect all one’s bodily functions for study by the nurses, and being essentially bed-ridden is not a fun feeling. The greatest joy was having Logan around most of the time and being able to leave the room for the couple hundred foot journey walking through the halls.

After being put on the transplant list and realizing the hospital stay would be even longer, I asked my mom to make a custom robe to go over my Johnny. This weekend, at Thanksgiving, she delivered the robe and I got to try it on. It is awesome!

Much better than those hospital colors, it feels better, and is well made. It’s also got a pair of matching shorts AND (best of all), snaps for easy-on / easy-off and IV/monitor wires to be threaded out the arm-hole. Just like the hospital kind! It’s going to be fantastic to be able to have some creature comforts while in the hospital.

Thanks Mom!


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