Things we are thankful for:

  1. Squirrels performing acrobatics in the backyard. We pay them in corn cobs, but it’s a small price to pay for the joy they bring us.
  2. Figuring out that you can freeze cookie balls and then just bake one cookie at a time. 
  3. Good friends and family that think of us often. We can totally feel it guys. It makes us feel very warm and fuzzy.
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. Derek
  6. Logan
  7. Modern medicine
  8. r/Cats
  9. Homemade Dinners
  10. The advancement of science
  11. Snowboarding on a powder day
  12. Watching Derek snowboard on a powder day. Especially when he gets snow in his facial hair.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovelies that read our wacky posts. Remember to give great big hugs to the people you love and even the people that make you a little crazy.


Logan – Turquoise

Derek – Orange


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