F-ing livers. What can friends do, beyond support? Can we help find a donor?

Hey, don’t knock the liver! Instead, maybe get mad at what is causing all the liver problems: an overactive immune system.

What can friends do, beyond support? We don’t know yet.  Each one of you provides something unique that we’ll need throughout the process.  Maybe help with spoofie.tumblr.com?

Can we help find a donor? Sure, that would be lovely.  See about being a live donor for me here.  My blood type is B.  But let’s also think bigger – you should think about being an organ donor and discuss it with others – make sure your wishes are known to your loved ones.

Let me also mention the Chris Klug Foundation – he was also diagnosed with PSC, received a transplant, became an Olympic bronze medalist, and is now “dedicated to promoting lifesaving organ and tissue donation and improving the quality of life for those touched by donation.”  I hope to do most of those things (maybe not the bronze medal thing).

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