How are those MELD scores in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)?

There’s good data here with lots of fancy graphs.  Or you can create your own data here, but it’s really hard to quantify the basis of your question:  The average MELD score for transplantation is 20 nationally (I’m now at 14).

The number of transplants done by region (with the Southeast which performed the most transplants):  Region 1 (New England): 248; Region 3 (Southeast): 1097; Region 6 (Pacific Northwest): 162

Sadly, the Pacific Northwest does less transplants than the Northeast, so most likely the waitlist is longer.  😦  We won’t be moving there anytime soon.

2 Replies to “How are those MELD scores in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)?”

  1. Are you sure about those stats for the PNW? I’m pretty sure there was a liver transplant episode on Portlandia.

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